About Us

Former Dallas Cowboy and Super Bowl V MVP Linebacker, Chuck Howley #54, started Uniforms, Inc. in 1978 after retiring from the Dallas Cowboys. He played 13 seasons for the Cowboys and took his focus and discipline from the field to his new business endeavor. The company began renting uniforms and, over the years, transformed into a premier embroidery and apparel business. After more than 30 years, Howley decided to retire and dedicate more time to his newest venture –quarterhorses. His son, Scott Howley now leads the organization. For over 40 years, Uniforms, Inc. has been an apparel and decorating organization based in Dallas and specializing in embroidery and screen printing.


We've been a trusted partner of image-conscious clients for over 40 years, providing outstanding service, impeccable quality, and on-time delivery. Our award-winning staff dedicates their attention to even the smallest details, ensuring an easy and smooth ordering process, coupled with quality embellishments you'll be proud to wear.
From simple designs to complex artwork, our embroidery quality is second to none. Our quality control process helps to minimize fraying, curling, and fading with wear, keeping you and your team looking their best through every meeting and event.
Our printers have a keen eye for detail and individually produce every piece to follow strict quality control guidelines and give you a crisp image and accurate colors for every order.
Digitizing is the heart of your embroidery project, and our talented team adjusts each and every logo and piece of art to maximize detail and quality. From stitch type to thread color, we take special care to give you just the look you want.